Banquet Services

Entertainment for banquets and special events can vary enormously depending on the musicians chosen. With Dante Ferrara you are guaranteed genuine music and songs from the period on correct instruments.


A banquet for 70 guests might follow these suggestions...


As guests enter the venue: lively music on the hurdy gurdy with introductory entertainment from a jester. A short speech to welcome guests and announcement to dinner.


During the banquet: fanfares to introduce each course. Gentle background music on the lute, cittern, English bagpipes and colascione.


Between courses: Tricks and stunts by the jester interspersed with participatory songs by Dante.


Dante can also organise other entertainers such as jesters, fire blowers, character actors and many more. He can also advise on how to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.


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Peterkin the Fool

Tim Bat