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Education Services

Primary schools

Dante Ferrara offers a fast-moving and lively 90-minute presentation on ten Tudor instruments. Aimed at Key Stage 2 studies, the children a taught a Tudor dance, they participate in a broadside ballad and learn about the importance and relevance of music-making in the 16th century. As well as the featured instruments on this site, Dante also demonstrates the renaissance guitar, tromba marina and crumhorns.


GCSE and A-Level studies

For older students Dante focuses on playing styles and development of form in the renaissance and early baroque. He also covers more technical aspects of instrument construction and uses the lute, hurdy-gurdy, colascione, orpharion, cittern and baroque guitar.


Special Interest Societies

‘The Stringed Instruments of the Renaissance and Early Baroque’ is a lively and informative presentation on eight instruments, covering the development of the lute and its family, the hurdy-gurdy and the interrelation of courtly and secular entertainment.


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